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Connecting tech experts from Kenya to challenges and opportunities from the Netherlands. We build solutions and reach goals through tailor made collaborations!

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Karibu Nairocket

We are on a mission to be the best employer for the most skilled developers. Startups, Scale-ups, Agencies and Grown-ups are all welcome aboard the Nairocket. Let’s launch!

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Discover and connect with Nairobi's best and brightest developers.

Forget anonymous outsourcing. Nairocket is your co-pilot throughout the process. We can set up a pilot project to filter for developers that fit your quality standards.

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A hive of connections, to build an online future. Nairocket is part of a bigger network, which allows us to tap into digital talent reaching much further than development. We’ve partnered up with T-Mobile to create a platform for one of their products. They were delighted by the quality of the work and the flexibility of our team.


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This is why our rocket landed in Nairobi!

When you think of Kenya, you might think of wide savannah landscapes, giraffes and elephants, or a white sandy beach on the shores of the Indian Ocean… You’re not wrong.

But Kenya is also Nairobi. A fast growing, highly developed, and buzzing metropole - full of smart tech-people. And Kenya is also culture. The synergy with Kenyans was undeniable from the start. We made each other laugh with the same sense of humour.

We are both hardworking, flexible, and relaxed all at once. Next to this, the Kenyan government actively stimulates youngsters to grow and develop within the IT scene. And then we have not even talked about the mere one hour time difference!


So Nairocket is here to connect:

Experience to opportunity

In the Netherlands there is a lack of skilled tech-experience, whereas in Kenya the jobs in tech are scarce. We employ the best of Kenyan developers, and hook them up with opportunities and challenges in the tech-industry of the lowlands.

High quality to normal prices

Our space pilots have the brightest of brains and are ready to rumble. Together we offer solutions to any tech-challenge for a competitive price.

Additional Support

Kwa ground vitu ni different - our countries are different, but the same at heart! With a Dutch team lead in the Kenyan office, we make sure to find our footing. Nairocket is not about simply outsourcing or executing tech. It is about working and growing side to side.

Our culture / Working at Nairocket

Ambitious, curious, & the family-feels.

At Nairocket we believe in teamwork and team spirit. By creating a strong sense of involvement and enjoyment, we simulate all crew-members to give their all. Samen uit, samen thuis. We’ve arranged medical insurance, a gym membership and more benefits that keeps the teams healthy and happy.

Our office

Board the Nairocket and join us on our quest to connect tech experience to opportunity!